Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why the world needs PR

In five week, I have championed public relations from my very granular view of the professions. I have so far put forward 14 reasons why it is such a profoundly important practice.

One realises that this is not always (or even frequently) the practice we see every day but across the many domains of practice, the whole points in one direction which is to change relationships between organisations and people.

Be assured, as we explore the Relationship Value Model, there will be more reasons to add to this list.

1 It is the core management discipline for any successful economy

2 PR adds 'value' in the minds of people and social groups

3 It is effective because it is highly developed using multiple touchpoints to stimulate corporate, brand, product and event awareness in the minds of target publics.

4 It is one of the oldest forms of advocacy and socio-economic development.

5 It is grounded in sociology and is a social construct.

6 People's brains are wired to be receptive to good public relations. Its part of their psychological make up.

7 PR has a process for managing relationships to change values which can be interpreted as being the nature and role of public relations management.

8 It is the premier management discipline.

9 PR works at the granular level of corporate (and organisational) value and on a plane that is more significant than current tangible and intangible accounting.

10 Public Relations is the very glue that makes brands and branding work.

11 We understand important things like culture and nationhood by understanding what PR is and does.

12 Public Relations is a broad Kirk, with many domains of practice and one aim which gives it great strength in depth.

13 Public Relations is capable of working in the old and new communications and social paradigm's.

14 From the Relationship Value Model we can learn to understand constituents with both good and evil intent.

Given the importance of our profession, we now need to accept even greater responsibility for it.

(The pic is 'Justify')

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