Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why spend so much time worrying about relationships?

The initial thought is quite easy and seems to make a lot of sense.

It does need a bit more thought because many people and especially Stephen Brunning. John Ledingham have mapped out what we need to consider in developing the theme. There are a number of ways one can come to this subject and in my case it was via the company I set up in the field of PR evaluation.

The early research into some drivers of relationships identified specific themeswhich was published in the early 1990's. that interested people pointed towards some specifics that interested people but which did not show that the relationship extended much beyond the media. Other studies, however did offer important evidence on the effectiveness of editorial on behaviour

Since then many people have looked at relationships management such as T. Dean Thomlison and he looks at relationships with care. His work and his overview of the work of other researchers shows how the model of relationship management would work.

Then came the breakthrough showing that people hold tokens and values that can be identified and which can test the theory.

But this is just mechanics. In following through the model, we find that it is relationships that are the core drivers of organisations; it is relationships that change value and it is relationships that drive all the other forms of organisational management.

This has major implications for economic development, management of societies (and is thus important for government) and how we can view our society from pre-historic times to now.

We do discover that there is a process for managing relationships to change values which can be interpreted as being the nature and role of public relations management. Pretty important I think.

(pictured – Stonehenge, evidence of relationships to create tangible and intangible assets 4000 years ago and very close the where I live)