Friday, August 05, 2005

Multiculturalism needs more research

The BBC's Today programme invited comment about what multiculturalism really means from Labour's John Denham. Denham wants more action to tackle the roots of alienation.

This debate extends to what we mean by 'our country', 'our nation' and the values we ascribe to such notions. The argument can go further. One might ask about 'our community', 'our neighbourhood' and so forth. Multiculturalism is a significant area of social research and a debate will rage because of the emerging critics. There is a need for a capability to be able to research into the drivers behind communities.

This really is what the Relationship Value Model is about. It is an approach to understanding social groups through the tokens and values held by people and held in common such that they describe the nature of the country, nation, community or neighbourhood..

The model is quite explicit in showing how it can be applied in the process of discovering what shapes our society by way of social groups, the tokens that are significant to such groups and the values that attach to such tokens and which are held in common by members.