Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rolling back the terrorists

Using Social Frames, a management tool for PR practitioners, to track down terrorists is a pretty cool idea.

The idea behind Social Frames is that is provides a shape to describe target actors (people) or groups of people (publics) who have a lot in common.

Time frame by time frame, we can build up a picture of consumers, employees, vendors and other important groups that affect our social group (OK – company).

The same rules can be applied to terrorist.

By using well informed groups that might include relatives, social workers, religious leaders, police and security experts, psychologists and socilologists, a picture can be made.

It will be information about where the terrorist is typically at different times and on different days. It will identify what assets, information and knowledge tokens are play at those times and, finally, it will identify the interactivity available and in use in that environment.

Hour by hour, day by day, a picture will emerge.

A process like this will be needed for every terrorist and it will, before long, create a picture of places, people a and activities that are common to terrorists.

The Relationship Value Model has many applications.

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