Sunday, August 13, 2006

Managing PR after last Thursday

Bill Thompson is on the button for Web 1.0. The public relations industry, having let its communication role slip, needs to 'get it'.

It is easy to be destructive and critical. I want to help.

Let us suppose that the Public Relations Directors (that is, the person with responsibility for these activities) wants to review policy after last Thursday.

The first priority is to ask Dr Jon White to generate comprehensive stakeholder maps. There is a need for a map based on a number of scenarios based on volume of activity (thus an ability to manage a crisis). Of course, it is possible to continue conversations about stakeholder mapping on a blog.

The next step is to identify communications channels that can be made available to each stakeholder group.

A useful list of channels for communication is available here.

Such lists need to be considered in the context of available technologies and how such technologies can be used in an integrated and convergent fashion.

With this knowledge, there is then a need to begin to develop strategies.

An example of how strategies can be developed is available here.

Because the unexpected is round every corner, managing and escalation process is needed for day to day management and this is a well worn example (and massive graphic from the book 'Online Public Relations' is here) .

Now, implement the plan.

On-line, there a lot that can be discovered that is so much cheaper than going to time consuming conferences and breakfast meetings and there are some really 'got it' consultants available too .

I guess some of them might even comment on this post (see below).

Picture: Critical Points