Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Piffle and podcasts

I don't feel in the least bit smug about this and certainly have difficulty aligning myself with Kelvin MacKenzie but the Rajar proposals are just plain daft. Radio is in bad shape and the numbers it is prepared to use to sell airtime is not worth the paper, and I mean paper, it is written on.

These data are needed by the PR industry for planning campaigns and evaluation and they are just rubbish. In addition, we are seeing considerable growth in both cellular broadcasting and, most notably podcasting.

The marketing industry may be satisfied that this is how it is prepared to operate in the interests of its clients but the PR industry should not. Until the media buyers are up in arms, Marketing will just have to live with another nail in its coffin.

The radio broadcast industry is not served by this Luddite approach to broadcasting data and the PR industry needs to think hard about how it can help planners resolve their broadcast targeting and monitoring needs.

Picture: Old Radio