Tuesday, May 23, 2006

There I was, trying to comment at the CIPR president's brand new blog and it all fell over.

Then it came back and now its swallowed my comment. Such a shame (perhaps the CIPR moderation takes time). The Chartered Institute of Public Relations is responding to the 'New Media challenge and I was going to offer some thoughts. Well, untill it is possible to connect, here it is:

Well done Tony.

The digital tsunami sweeps us all up in the end.

Of course, the Institute will have this properly planned.

In the same way it expects us all to plan communications initiatives. A true example of best practice. Undoubtedly there has been some really good lurking (its like getting the daily press clips but more important).

I guess the Institute is thrilled with the current comments about it in the social media and its competitive position against organisations like IABC (for example).

Then there is the review of CIPR Google Juice – (one above me in Google today – good going - now you are blogging, I hope it gets better).

The objectives based on this and other exhaustive research no doubt has lead to profound strategy and tactic development.

I too can be caught up in the excitement now the Institutes's web site is having RSS feeds on each page, podcasts of Council Meetings for members and quiver over policy development, training and best practice wiki's.

Then there is the thrill of new accessibility available from vendors like Skype (for free phone calls), Skype (for free Instant Messaging) like this Government does, to cut the cost of communication and enhance accessibility.

It will be so interesting to see CIPR members' blog roll. people like Simon Collister, who has good things to say about some courses and training in New Media and then there is Philip Young, and Stuart Bruce, Stephen Davies, Richard Bailey and many more.

It is all so exciting now it also includes a President's blog. Welcome to the (sometimes critical and occasionally challenging technologies) bloggersphere.

I have to say that some of the comments posted are even more ironic than mine. Anthony said: bodes well for the CIPR's leadership in coming years.

I just cracked up.

Picture: Tony Bradley

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