Sunday, September 17, 2006

Big Desks

A lot of the 'fixed mind' process, command and control, ISO 9000, Marketing, advertising, MBO stuff has to be thought through again. It is not all bad or all out of date but much of it no longer fits with what we know and what is happening in our societies and cultures.

Simple things just keep coming up and biting the old school in the butt.

What is the value of an MBA when it takes creativity out of management?

Which models work and which are ones force old thinking on new models.

When relationships are so important and relationship value is moving to the fore, we see notions of the networked society and cultural relations having significance in a cultural economy.

To meet these needs there is an ever growing list of Public Relations practices and there will be more to come. It will be down to the Relationship Manager to understand what PR can do and deploy such skills.

The Big Desks are now getting the way.

I see references to 'Marketing' and think of big desks. I see advertising and see Big Desks, I see Auditing and see Big Desks. Mostly, there is not much of worth behind such Big Desks.

The people behind these Big Desks now have to take a walk down the corridor because unless they do, they cannot optimise the value of relationships.