Friday, October 18, 2013

RTB Public Relations

We are used to automated bidding on the Stock Markets of the world.

Enter the same thing for advertising:

According to MAGNA GLOBAL research, programmatic buying of digital media inventory will reach $7.4 billion this year in the US, of which $3.9bn will be transacted through Real-Time Bidding (RTB), and another $3.5bn will be transacted through other programmatic/automated platforms (including social media).

This is obviously not something to worry the PR person is it?

Well, um.... yes it is. The gene is now out of the bottle. There was a time when there seemed to be a lot of trivia online and it did not count for much. Then two things happened. People like PR people started to churn out deep, rich and worthy content providing opportunities to create computerised semantic understanding and, almost at the same time, we discovered that using BigData techniques, even trivial posts had a shape and structure that gave us considerable insights into the authors when taken together (guess what, they start chatting at work stuff at 0800 on their way to work).

So, all of a sudden the content that is about conversations and interaction and, and this one is for Jim Grunig, issues becomes part of the digital landscape.

Now, we have content that can be used through a range of outlets just like advertising.

This is an area of PR that is around the corner but will be really valuable once we have worked out how.

Do I approve?


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