Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Publicasity press release about our book

Public relations professionals who want to do business in the modern interconnected world will regard this book as essential reading. The online world had has changed since Online Public Relations’ first edition in 2001, and this new edition is a comprehensive study into online communication and interaction. For public relations practice the unavoidable conclusion is that nothing will ever be the same again; the advent of an online world means almost every aspect of the discipline needs to be rethought.

“It’s not just the practice that is changing, it seems, but its role and purpose. After a short section on the basic toolkit, this book deals in concepts: transparency, porosity, agency, richness and reach.”

Richard Bailey – review in Behind the Spin

“The internet brings public relations closer to the heart of corporate re-engineering, corporate governance, corporate and brand relationships, reputation promotion and issues management.”

The book “...provides clear pointers for organising public relations professionally now and indicates a vision of the future. Any public relations professional wanting to conduct his or her business in the modern interconnected world will regard this book as a must.”

Professor Anne Gregory

“In the past, a PR person might have been judged by the volume of coverage generated for a client. The key today is not volume but influence: that is, how deeply into the networks did the story reach and for how long did it actively set the agenda in the online ‘conversations’?”

The internet is revolutionising the practice of public relations. This revolution has not only affected the way PR professionals communicate but has changed the nature of communication itself. This thoroughly revised second edition of Online Public Relations shows you how you can use this potent and energizing change intelligently and effectively.

This second edition is a timely and authoritative review of the new world of online public relations, supported by numerous online resources. Any public relations professional wanting to conduct business in the modern interconnected world will regard this book as essential reading.

About the authors: David Phillips is an online public relations pioneer. He has written three books about online public relations, lectures at Gloucester University and Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Lisbon, Portugal. He is also the Head of Digital

Consultancy at Publicasity. Philip Young is a senior lecturer in public relations at the University of Sunderland, specializing in social media and media ethics. He is a lead researcher on the European Public Relations Education and Research Association’s EuroBlog project and has run the Mediations weblog (http://publicsphere.typepad.com) since April 2004.

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