Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Social Media can be controlled

There are riots in front of European Union offices in Moscow

There is almost no media coverage about it. There is even less Google news juice. There are few blog posts about it. Its just as though someone was working really, really hard at Denial of Service against a plan that has been in place for a long, long time.

The story could have been written by Ian Flemming and is about Russian imperialism and the scars that go back to Nazi and Russian deals over the Baltic states that kept peoples in shackles for fifty years.

It is a story about ethnic Russians abandoned by their own country and forced to face the ire of their one time subjects and Russia using both sides to drive another wedge between European interests and Russian ambitions.

So, how come a DoS attack?

What if wikipedia was closed to new edits? What would happen if some newspapers' stories seemed not to get indexed except in the copy of secondary pages - by Google? What if the news aggregators have lots of content from Tass and Interfax but not much from the mainstream European or US press?

It would seem odd. It is odd. Tim Wilson reports on DoS attacks which seem very slick and comprehensive for a country of a million people, even the clever Estonians.

It will be interesting to see if you have similar experiences.

If there is a way to hide/bury or deny a competitor space online would n't that be a good products to sell to the command and control freaks?

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