Monday, November 07, 2005

First Blog lecture?

At 4pm today, I will be presenting the Leedsmet Internet Undergraduate lecture.

Usually one presents with slides and whiteboard but to re-enforce the significance of the Internet, I will
use a blog instead.

I think this is a first.

There are a number of issues involved. First there is the intellectual property issue.

Should I hold the copyright? Won’t it be ripped off?

Well no and yes. Why hold the copyright. If I did the reach of the lecture would be minimal. Will it get ripped off by others? Well… yes. Some will reference it and some will steal it.

Does it matter.

Well, my students will not gain the upper hand because their lecturer is making the content available to all. I will not be paid for my hard work and research over many years by many of the people who use the material.

On the first point students at the lecture can find out more. Their physical presence and their association with Leeds Metropolitan University will give them opportunities to use the original research and they can talk to the lecturers.

On the second point, there is no loss offering the intellectual property to one and all but a powerful point is made about the significance of the Internet to our students and there is a gain in reputation and there is again awareness of my work.

Oddly enough, people still want to hear the lecture, see the person and – will yes, pay for the privilege.

Here we see a lecture, re-purposed and adding values all over the place.

PR creates wealth. It is the only management practice that does.

This is in the mould of what could be called PR 3.0

icture by Lela Zone

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