Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Radical Porosity - a vendor example

Today, I received notification about the journey of a small parcel of goods ordered yesterday, in the UK made in the Netherlands and shipped via Germany to my home.

I did not know that the product originated in Holland.

In order to deliver the product, UPS disclosed to me the location of the manufacture and it took me  a few seconds to locate the company using Google.

This is an unintended consequence of USP's transparency system but is evidence of how a vendor can contribute to Radical Internet Porosity.

Is this a PR issue?

Does the manufacturer want such third party systems to affect them? Of course, UPS is very aware of the dangers of intercepts and has ways of limiting exposure (here is the system) but others are no so well organised.

Is such disclose a good thing ?

How do we prepare management understand about the significance of Internet Porosity? Is it inevitable? How can it affect reputation and what can we do to prepare for the big Nobel Award leak which one day will happen?


  • Updated: 29/01/2014 7:06 Eastern Time
Wednesday, 29/01/2014, By End of Day
Bristol, United Kingdom, Wednesday, 29/01/2014

Additional Information

1.10 lbs

Shipment Progress

LocationDateLocal TimeActivity
Bristol, United Kingdom29/01/20147:25Out for Delivery
29/01/20147:15Arrival Scan
Castle Donnington, United Kingdom29/01/20144:45Departure Scan
29/01/20143:02Arrival Scan
Koeln, Germany29/01/20142:40Departure Scan
Koeln, Germany28/01/201423:46Arrival Scan
Eindhoven, Netherlands28/01/201421:15Departure Scan
28/01/201417:45Origin Scan
Netherlands28/01/201411:55Order Processed: Ready for UPS

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