Friday, July 05, 2013

People cluster round values - is this 'Publics'?

I used the MIT analysis engine on one of my email accounts to test the Lisbon Theory in the medium of email.

Such fun!

As you can see there are six distinct clusters of people who contact me and who I contact.

In addition, we can see that they are also connected to each other (by including each other in CC and BCC mail services and because I do the same.

Here we see the Lisbon Theory at work in a real live and replicable process that anyone can use.

The result for every example is one that shows networks being formed as part of the process of relationship building through the exchange of values.

This shows how we can use Big Data for effective relationship (and yes - yawn - reputation) building.

It is a further validation of the work of Bruno Amaral published at Bled in 2009 and the conceptual process published in 2006.

I guess, Philip Young and I will have to find space for this in the next edition of Online Public Relations 

It is not that such thinking is new. There are other examples which could benefit from some PR academic rigour, should PR academia want to take an interest in network relationships.

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