Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The social network for PR students, faculty and practitioners worldwide, PROpenMic is run by one of the world leading Online PR teachers Robert French at Auburn University in the United States.

Today, he celebrates six months of PROpenMic by looking at how the site has done compared to other PR education sites (subscription). The results are very impressive. It has a huge following.

The commitment and dedication of this one academic is inspiring. Compared with the relatively highly staffed and resourced competition, this site is a real competitor.

The traffic rank is exceeded only by ODwyerPR.com and SNCR.org which means that two of the yop three are academic in thier thrust.

But just below the surface of these data is another story.

It is the story of the extent to which practitioners are involved in these centres for knowledge and other web sites. There are not many more than 8000 PR folk who normally frequent any of these sites each month.

Using comparative data we can see how many visit other PR practice sites.

Twenty five thousand practitioners go to the PRCA site (the USA's PR profession site). One in eight PR practitioners in the UK goes to the CIPR site.

It would not take long to build a pretty good profile of web site use by practitioners.

A good dissertation for a student huh!