Friday, September 19, 2008

The role of emotion in the immersive web

Some time back I began work on the future of the internet. I wanted to have a view of where PR would fit into the web over the next decade.

I could see how a range of platforms such as PC's, laptops, cell phones, computer games and domestic multiple screen as well as digital wall paper could produce new environments that would change the way we use the internet.

It is no longer a great leap of faith to see how different channels for communication can be mashed to provide rich experiences that our big brains so crave.

In addition, it was obvious that these developments would increase the emotional connection between people, avatars and the hybrid person avatar (such as the Wii opponent represented as an tennis partner on a screen).

One of the elements that makes this kind of immersive web sticky is emotion. Today, browsing through the New Scientist's YouTube site can across Peter Molyneux's video where he shows how this can evolve. Peter is the wizard behind Lionhead Studios (worth a visit just for the graphics) and explains the concept very well.

Emotional Internet is on its way!