Sunday, October 15, 2006

Trust and the media

Half of those surveyed in the US said that they would turn to network television for immediate news information (NB: 66% in the UK)
The next most popular source was the radio (42%)
37% of consumers would use daily local newspapers
33% cable news or business networks
25% of those interviewed would rely on Internet sites of print and broadcast media
6% would turn to Internet user groups, blogs and chat rooms (24% in the UK)

I have doubts about this sort of survey. It may be that the first call is, for example, television, but then there is all the background and the net is awash with added information and knowledge, In addition, when people are interested in stories, they go to sites of interest such as company web sites and government sources. It is not either or it is both.

For this reason PR practitioners have to use multiple channels. There is problem associated with this which is an ability to re-purpose our news for many channels and this is one reason why we need tools built on standards like XPRL.