Monday, October 16, 2006

The Telegraph in a new era today

Today The Daily Telegraph completes its move from Canary Wharf to London SW1.

The new newsroom, new approach, new services, new philosophy... and new editor combine to create news for a digital era.

New editor Lewis (37 - to be ageist - I can't resist) will see a depressing picture in most sectors of the newspaper market but he has a vision of a multi-platform future in which the print journalists provide the content for far more outlets than simply the paper. In this brave new world, they will be delivering podcasts, vodcasts and blogs, as well as their newspaper stories, and contributing to updated editorial online at the various "touchpoints" - key publication moments - during the day.

This heralds a new era for those who woyld help such hapless hacks by providing content in the form it is needed and presented for purpose (newsprint, podcasts, vodcasts and blogs etc).

Of course it would help a lot if the preparation of the PR outputs was tagged using XPRL, then re-purposing can be automated.

No doubts the Old Men of the PR industry will get round to it when they have finished their toast and Coopers.

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