Thursday, October 05, 2006

Readers flock to newspapers

Wired News reportes that:

The average number of monthly visitors to U.S. newspaper websites rose by nearly a third in the first half of 2006, a study released on Wednesday said, though print readership at some larger papers fell…

The average number of unique visitors to online newspaper sites in the first half was more than 55.5 million a month, the study said. That compares with 42.2 million a year earlier….

The Washington Post’s website increased its audience reach among readers aged 25 to 34 by more than 60 percent…

The number of page views at newspaper sites rose by about 52 percent in the first half…

Of course, it is content online that is making waves.

So its silly for newspapers to put barriers to entry as in Belgium.

As a practitioner, of course, you need to be sure that any story run by a publications will be available in print AND online.

But we all know that don't we?