Saturday, October 14, 2006

PushMe - PullU the difference between then and now

Sam Rose posted this paper this week at the The Aspen Institute.

It struck me for this summary:

We are living in an epochal period of transition bridging two very different types of economies and cultures. We are transitioning from a "push" economy: that tries to anticipate consumer demand, and then creates a standardized product, and "pushes the product into the market and culture, using standardized distribution channels and marketing. We are transitioning to a "pull" economy: open and flexible production platforms that use network technologies to coordinate many different entities from disparate regions.. "Pull" economies produce customized products and services that serve localized needs (demand-driven), usually in a rapid manner.

Public Relations practice stands between external forces and internal forces in a process of bringing thier values into sync. Hey! This is the Relationship Value Model all over again.