Monday, October 02, 2006

Monitoring using RSS and other tools

Simon Wakeman discovered an interesting post by Steve Rubel about how he finds news and material to blog about - Steve has created what he calls a blog feeder.

Simon notes the potential for this just got greater, as Steve has blogged that Technorati now offers RSS feeds for searches, which means that it’s a whole lot easier to include Technorati searches in a blog feeder (althoug it does not cover all blogs and sometimes takes a long time to index sites). Also spotted this news on i-wisdom and Webfeed Central.

Can I add that it is also possible to use RSS for Google News, Google Scholar and any web site can be monitored using Google Reader (When you find content you want to read on a regular basis, you can subscribe to it, and Google Reader will monitor that website for updates and add them to your reading list). There is an issue with how fast it will update with Google.

As I am now experimenting with Google Reader, it is an interesting option. In addition, of course, I do have my sumarisation software that allows me to load interesting items direct to my blog in summary form which is very quick.

Of course there is a ton of software out there to help you monitor changes on web sites.

If you can't monitor news, blogs and web sites these days you will be at least 20 hours behind the news so I do it and I expect every PR practitioner does it as well.

For some practitionser these tools are helpful to maintain modernity for thier client blog.