Sunday, October 01, 2006

How the Internet sells beer

The Internet's big, it's powerful, but how the heck do you use it to sell beer?

A simple question from Jim Ewing on Business Week.

Easy, why don't you come to my pub The Calley Arms (in the hills near Stone Henge) . It does not have a web site, but lots of people put interesting stuff about it on the web. It is seldom mentioned on blogs (well now its is) and it sells local beers.

The landlady makes great food using locally sourced country ingredients. The locals are just so much fun and guess what, there are always plenty of people there - lots come for the food and some of us go for the beer :)

Of course, you will need a map - it is located here, and as you can see it is very rural and yet is only a couple of miles from Junction 15 on the M4 motorway.

A very friendly place and great beers... what more do you need....

And that is how 1000 people all over the world knows how to get good beer in Wiltshire. Not that hard then....

Well... whose coming over for a quick pint then?