Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In Place of Ads

Here are alternatives to advertsing as we know it.

Blogs are known for their ability to enhance the range of values attributed to brands.

This added richness offers more values out there to attract more people with convergent values.

People in the right frame of mind, context and emotional state.

The values can come from the richness of concepts that permeate texts. These might be tags created by humans or that could be generated by software.

I have a tag generating machine (see picture)

Today Peter Robinson included the emotional element.

'Imagine a computer that could pick the right emotional moment to sell you something," says Peter Robinson, of Cambridge University in the Herald today.

"Imagine a future where websites and mobile phones could read our mind and react to our moods."
It sounds like Orwellian fiction but this week, Robinson, a professor of computer technology, unveiled a prototype for just such a "mind-reading" machine. The first emotionally aware computer is on trial at the Royal Society Festival of Science in London.

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