Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Studios Miss Opportunity

Studios Take First Step In Movie Downloading

"Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and MGM will put films up for sale on a web site co-owned by the group for between $10 and $30. The name of the site is Movielink.com and the average price of a DVD is around $20.

All of the available films will be packed to the gills with copy-protection software dubbed DRM. This will limit the number and types of copies consumers will be able to make with their purchases. In some cases, the movies can be burned to DVD for playback on a specified computer or set-top DVD player, but in other cases the digital versions will have to stay put on a customer's computer. These restrictions are an attempt to curb the illegal pirating of content on the Internet, a scourge of movie makers and theaters."

This is just dumb. Useing a PR 3.0 approach, the jast number of Intelectual Properties locked into the films could be released in so many ways to a huge range of Stakeholders in long and rewarding conversations.

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Picture: Marilyn Monroe brings a bag of Bell brand potato chips to a champagne party in the Seven Year Itch.