Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ms Roger Stakeholder Management and Health Trust Money

In the Daily Telegraph today a report says: "There are around 30 cancer drugs going through the later stages of clinical trials that could boost survival rates and are likely to be considered by regulatory bodies over the next five years. They include Avastin for colorectal cancer and Tarceva for patients with advanced lung cancer.

"Reacting to yesterday's court ruling, Prof Karol Sikora, Dean of the University of Buckingham's Medical School and former chief of the World Health Organisation's cancer programme, said: 'What we have seen in this case is the due process of the drug regulation system being bypassed in favour of political expediency.

Prof Sikora is reported saying: 'There is a raft of new treatments coming through in the next five years. To remove the emotional element we have seen in the Herceptin case and the complete financial meltdown of the NHS we are going to need a much more rigorous system.'

And here he misses the point. It is not just emotion. It is a battle between cultural values and is typically a marketing responce and
'you saw it here first'.

This is a case where the approach to
stakeholder engagement is based top down thinking so common in the UK's National Health Service.

In identifying stakeholders and thier issues and by examining the objectives of the Health Service in order to manage expectations in concert with resources, an accepatble solution can be found. This approach to PR management is pretty obvious and it is not rocket science,
it is a simple process, issues management and all.

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