Monday, April 10, 2006

Intellectual PR – that's not too hard is it?

There is a some debate about the future of PR as it moves away from the agentry model to do more by way of contributing towards corporate value and monetisation of Intellectual Capital.

The disintermediation of the value chain and the consumerisation of information is challenging for all organisations. In particular, it is a challenge for PR.

We deal in intangible assets. If you like, it is the new market. It is a bigger market than all the usual markets such as the LSE and there is a lot of sense in getting out of such old model institutions.

This dramatic change will need PR expertise that understands the nature of values that are relevant to 'stakeholders' which in turn means that there is a need to be able to map stakeholders, their interests and their relative significance.

It also means that there is a need to be able to identify the values that such stakeholders hold dear and, using a range of tools including communications tools, a capability to marry client values with their significant cultural partners.

Its not hard.

Here is how to find, map and evaluate stakeholders.

Here is how to identify their values (and benchmark them against the organisation)

Here is how to respond to stakeholder concerns

Here are the range of skill sets needed to implement campaigns.

And here are the communications channels available to do it.

Now, that was not too hard was it?