Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The marketers numbers do not add up

In his paper published in the International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Andrew Greenyer reviews the role of modelled data in target marketing.

He notes that there has been widespread denigration of UK modelled information
and key recent factors, influences and statistics on the availability and use of specific/personal marketing data are sub ject to increasing restrictions. Part of this is due to public dataset withdrawal, privacy legislation and so on.

Here comes the good bit: Channel proliferation and change in the balance of spend between prospecting and developing existing customers are noted. All are then related to the revival of need for modelled data.

While the demand for volumes of individual consumer marketing data continues to rise, the availability and useability of that data is in decline. Modelled attributes are becoming the only way to fill the gap.

This paper demonstrates that the widespread criticism of modelled data ignores the increasing need for such information to meet the inexorable trend away from mass advertising and towards direct marketing techniques.

Title: Back from the grave: The return of modelled consumer information
Author(s): Andrew Greenyer
Journal: International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
ISSN: 0959-0552
Year: 2006 Volume: 34 Issue: 3 Page: - 218