Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Get it or loose it

In reporting this paper by Thomas Ritter and Achim Walter one hopes to make it obvious that the PR industry has to get a bigger and better handle on the use of digital communication. If they fail to do so, thier clients will be ill served.

The paper presents a case study of a service-orientated group of social businesses in the not-for-profit sector, where a triangulated approach is employed, a three-factor model of effective e-mail use is proposed. Using focus groups, diaries and survey, the impact of e-mail was investigated on four key dimensions of internal communication at Parkside Housing Group.

Whilst overall e-mail was found to be less influential than face-to-face communication, e-mail was found to positively and specifically influence: the communication climate, where it provides a mechanism for staff to feed their views up the organisation; shared objectives and goal alignment, where it helps staff to understand the overarching goals of the organisation (the 'bigger picture'); and perceived external prestige; the construed external image of the organisation by helping the organisation to share positive publicity, and its successes, amongst staff."

Title: Matching high-tech and high-touch in supplier-customer relationships
Author(s): Thomas Ritter, Achim Walter
Journal: European Journal of Marketing
ISSN: 0309-0566
Year: 2006 Volume: 40 Issue: 3/4 Page: - 310
DOI: 10.1108/03090560610648066
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited