Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Blog service

This is a straight off topic plug for a new service of mine. Some will know that I dabble in media content analysis (I set up Media Measurement in the 1980's). This interest is now manifest in news abstracting and other technologies.

I am developing a new blog service to search for, analyse and report on blog posts about organisations, brands, people, places, etc. We are looking for people who have an interest in Blog management and or interested in subject matter arising in blogs.

The service is designed to:

  • Seek blog posts every day for a subject (e.g. A company name, person, brand)
  • Identify the core concepts mentioned in posts
  • Show the most important issues mentioned
  • Identify the issues clusters (news topics)
  • link back to summaries of the blog posts and drill down to the original clusters.

In addition the service will provide:

  • A list of the most frequent bloggers about the subject
  • A list of bloggers by issue
  • A list of places, people and organisations mentioned in posts


  • A searchable archive
  • A reporting interface
  • A capability to manage forward relevant blogs and reports to clients

My objective is to offer public relations practitioners with tools to identify issues, people, places (locations) and their associated blogger sources for blog management.

At present we have a beta capability and seek a daring few who would like to have an input into the development of the service.

More information is available here.