Saturday, October 08, 2005

Television and the online citizen

The 800lb gorilla is back in the limelight. Al Gore put it there. But the gorilla is about in many ways. The movement is gaining ground for Internet Protocol Television (TVIP)and much more.

Some of the will be interactive offering the visual equivalent of blogs. Some will be mobile.

What is much more important is that almost anyone will be able to create a TV station and use the Web to transmit.

The gorilla will still be big but will break out of the straight jacket of controls, reach and limited programming content.

For PR this means we need a much deeper understanding of semiotics and all the paraphernalia of visual (as well as sound) production.

This new evolution, similar to the impact of the web on newsprint, MP3 and podcasting for music and voice will be a citizen movement. The big corporations will have some but the populous will have an even bigger slice.

TV advertising revenues will, like print and sound, take a beating and the communicators will have a great time.

The gorilla now needs to watch out for citizen TV and the online community needs to be wary of the power of 800lbs.

(picture from the Goriller Foundation)