Friday, October 07, 2016

The Future Is Almost Here

It is almost too easy to imagine a progressive evolution of technologies for public relations.

The evolution from noticeboard to Facebook was all too simple. From newsletter to Blog or community gossip to Twitter, the evolution of communications used by the PR professional has change slowly if dramatically and has been reasonably manageable.

But this rate of change and range of technologies that are about to influence the practice of PR is about to have a massive impact on practitioners.

This is an introductory lecture touching on a revolution in PR practice. It examines communication.

I shall explore other areas of practice in this series of lectures.

The communication and content security, audited relationships and associated relationship and reputation changes and much more are now part of PR in a shape never before explored. Such developments now affect capabilities through applications of communication technologies, big data, blockchain,  the Internet of Things and relationships and more.

These are now part of the PR scene. They are the engines of PR practice. They are the elements of PR practice we all need to understand and deploy such capabilities for our clients large and small (even small clients can have big data).

They are part of the syllabus to be learned and the activities being part of good good practice that the PR associations need to observe.

We can expect a lot of practitioners to be caught out through ignorance of these developments but that is no worse than discovering that reputation busting tweets can rampage all over the world. Frightening!

So now it is time to look at some examples. We will begin with Ink on our fingers, or “who writes the press release?

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