Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Big Leaps and Small Incremental Steps - the rate of PR Automation

Progressively more technologies will emerge to automate individual PR functions. 

In turn, these will be integrated into other services that amalgamate a number of such services. 

Today this includes the automation and distribution of press notices and website content.

The engines to automate services such as Search Engine Optimisation activities (SEO); creation of Apps; application of wearables and use of Big Data are now in the wings of ordinary daily PR activity (I will cover these in a few days time). 

In the meantime cross posting of content to many web and social media outlets is common: book publishing is automated. Multi-platforms are updated as common content is published to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn without even a click of a mouse.  

Progressively we need to look at the effects of such developments and how they can be tamed to aid best PR practice.

This progress does mean that practitioners have to be kept informed (e.g. it is essential to keep up with a range of developments for SEO one follows http://searchengineland.com, for marketing http://www.clickz.com etc) and monitor expertise online.

That PR technologies will appear is not in question, what is problematic is the extent to which it automates the PR (and relevant associated activities) and the rate of development.

There will be some big leaps and some small incremental steps.

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