Friday, March 20, 2015

I have known Peter Wilson for many years. When he says he has a good service online it is time to take a very close look.

You're doing all the right things. You have a content marketing strategy that's more than a work of fiction. You're putting aside time to produce useful content which you're placing on quality sites as well as your own. Google Analytics tells you that you're getting plenty of traffic and where it's coming from. And you're capturing leads in exchange for valuable extra content. But how do you know which of your leads are most engaged?

Converting leads can be a slow  and time consuming and you could do with some help sifting through all those leads you've been building to know which might be more receptive to your overall proposition.

It turns out that CommsBox gathers quite a lot of information about your leads: when they return to your site (by whatever means), which emails they click through from, which forms they complete, all your contact reports. A lot of data. The trick is to use that mountain of data. Thank you Peter - Here is how:

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