Sunday, March 08, 2015

Brilliant! CIPR President featured in an Automated Backgrounder...

Yes its true. When you search for Sara Pinch using Google, an automatic biographical backgrounder appears to the right of the search results.

The clever automated PR Backgrounder also includes pictures of the CIPR President in its returns. The added coverage shows that Sarah is important and adds copy in addition to the search results. It does it automatically. Here we have Automated Backgrounders already at work.

This one is not very good and needs a good PR job done on it. Sarah is the top person at Pinch Point Communications which although the search engine was on the money, the Automated Backgrounder did not pick it up.

This raises some interesting questions for the PR industry.

How does a PR practitioner have this kind of influence to get extra copy published at exactly the right time/place? What happens if the Automated PR exec gets the copy wrong?

In this era of growing automation of Public Relations functions, there is a need to understand how the industry can be positive part of this evolution.

It is an issue for all practitioners, after all, it does not take a big stretch of the imagination to see how such content would be of significance to Corporate Affairs practitioners and even Crisis Management experts.

#AutoPR is here, now!

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