Friday, July 04, 2014

Rebooting PR - Radical Poroity

In this series of, posts we have already seen how the internet is now making organizations porous.

For a long time people have discussed their employers, friends, acquaintances and    a myriad of other relationships.
I do so, they expose torganizationsons and people to a wide constituency. Information in this way, inadvertently leaks  out.
The work I did on analysis of LinkedIn profiles also shows how people expose their employers to a low deep analysis (see Rebooting PR).

What is happening now is that a lot of data (Big data) available for such analysis. We can automate such proceses and then re-work the findings.

Radical porosity now allows us to identify the common and unique unique skills, capabilities of individual banks in relation to competitors - automatically. We can also use similar capabilities to match LnkedIn profiles with Twitter accounts and get near real time intelligence.

There are many more examples of how apparently innocent activities make oorganizationsmore porous.

Such is the extent of content provided by individuals that if an organization wants to have no presence it creates a hole in the Internet environment which points in the organisation.

From here we learn a lot. There is no hiding place.

We also learn there is a critical need for public relations to manage the effect of constituent's porosity.

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