Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Using vertical search engines and search for research

I have been experimenting with vertical search engines as a means of using online opinion for opinion research.

Using Blekko I have been looking at share of voice of PR institution among the 81 leading UK PR bloggers.

The organisations I looked at were CIPR, PRCA and AMEC.

I looked for the number of citations (blog posts) mentioning these three organisations.

The results are:
But of course, this is only part of the story.

Less than half of these PR bloggers have mentioned any of these three organisations in the last five years.

It would seem to indicate that there is a need for an outreach programme by these organisations if they  want to take advantage of the major opinion formers and brand promotion facilities online.

But we can also look to see how many times the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is publicly visible in Facebook which is about 35,800 and in Linkedin about 70,900 compared to the Public Relations Consultants Association - about 296 but in Linkedin its just 1,990.

Of course the CIPR competition is the Chartered Institute of Marketing  with mentions in Facebook of 15,700 and Linkedin about 255,000.

It is not hard to imagine what the institutions would do if such results were noted for newspapers and magazines. I am not sure why online is so different.

Of course, many companies are much, much worse in their use of online brand development and opinion leadership but the institutions do need come up to the mark if they are going to be part of the action.

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