Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Social Media Handbook for Public Relations Professionals - from the CIPR

Today, the The Social Media Handbook for Public Relations Professionals is published by Willey.
It is a crowdsourced book by the CIPR .

In her foreword, Jane Wilson, CEO of the Institute writes:

"The media through which humans communicate are constantly evolving, reflecting changes in technology and preferences in content and consumption. In public relations, communicating messages through a variety media is the primary means by which we engage audiences in dialogue to develop mutual understanding and deliver against organisational objectives. As the media we use change, so must the practice of public relations.
Currently, a rapid evolution in media is taking place. Through the choices, made by millions every second of each day, to share and curate content and to talk, individuals the world over are engaging with each other on a scale unimaginable to most people just a decade ago.
Previous modes of media allowed for the transmission of information, filling a human desire for knowledge, but could not cater for the human impulse to interact. This is changing our profession for the better.
 Who could disagree.

The book is done and in the month or so between the 30 authors' (yes, I am one) contribution and publication, the world of communication has changed yet again.

Pinterest went from linear growth to exponential growth.

Another social network that is having a major effect on communication.

Interestingly, it is a move from the written word towards semiotics.

The reason this is so important is that the PR profession knows very little and semiotic communication.

The Daniel Chandler web site 'Semiotics for Beginners' is a good place to begin and it soon becomes clear that practitioners have a steep learning curve to be able to grasp what opportunities are now presenting themselves.

The amazing developments in video and now the use of Kinect to create real 3D images on a traditional flat screen gives a hint as to a next generation of communication.

This can also be part of augmented reality or a a pop-up store that visitors could shop and win prizes from using a specially created app for their Smartphone or tablet:

The ability to use such capabilities creatively and for much more than consumer marketing has to be part of the PR professional's portfolio of usable communication channels.

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