Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Investor Relations takes an age

We are beginning to get the first really public comments about IR and social media.

IR Web report made this comment last month
Until recently there’s been no obvious social media platform for public companies to engage investors. That’s why the marriage of social media and investor relations has failed to take off. And while a number of investment sites have attempted to appeal to public companies, they’ve done so inconsistently.
 In the UK the world is different, the vast majority of investors are institutional and thus the numbers of people involved in active investment is less.

None-the-less, the range real time social media available to the investing community is pretty thin and is built on really old forms for communication such as email, Twitter and telephone based services.

Now that Google Finance (beta) has arrived, the time has come for much better (faster, comprehensive,) intelligence.

Being able to watch the markets using the Google service is interesting but has a lot of short comings.

Financial sector summary

SectorChange% down / up
Basic Materials-0.81%
Capital Goods-0.76%
Cons. Cyclical-0.69%
Cons. Non-Cyclical-0.51%
Part of the problem is that this service is supported by the institutional view.
The FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall St Journal and the Economist figure large. There is none of the Big Data content and analysis there and ready for the investor and sweeping up the scuttlebutt from Facebook, Blogger and Twitter is well beyond current capabilities.
It does not have to be this way. There are plenty of capabilities that can help and which are available.
One day soon, someone will fill the space and they will have a field day. It might even be an entrepreneurial Public Relations professional.

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