Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Online Public Relations research tools

It has occurred to me that I have never shown the PR industry, and notably academic researchers, the technologies I, and my students and commercial partners have used to come to the conclusions we do.

I make them available to you here and now.

Some are quite old and have been superseded by better technologies and I am very happy to help researchers who want to use these tools in research activities that will give the PR industry better insights into the nature of online communication.

Semantic Web Experiments

We have been working on Latent Semantic Indexing for nearly a decade but now we are looking at a range of 
other ways the semantic web can offer practitioners insights.

This is an experiment that dynamically identifies an ontology. The objective here will be to allow the practitioner to drill down further and further to find out who is affected and involved with an entity in a web page (e.g. news story).
You can try it out for yourself her

Reputation Wall

This is a development we have taken a very long way. It searches for pages about a search topic, opens up the web pages, normalises the texts, parses the texts of all the pages for semantic concepts (latent semantic indexing - we have our own software to do this) and then looks for the most powerful concepts month by month going back a year.

You can create your own 'Reputation Wall' here

Track This Now

A media story or picture comes to prominance and you want to now where in the world it is popular right now. Well, here is the service that gives you an instant world and regional snap shot.

You can find your news of the moment here

Finding Semantic Concepts

This tool was used to discover relationships between people and organisations in a big research project. You can enter a lot of website URL's into it and it will return the 50 most significant semantic concepts in the corpora. 

 I find it is more manageable if you remove the URL's and then paste the words into a programme like TagCrowd to generate a semantic word map.

Value Systems Analysis

This software levers the semantic analysis of pages and looks at bigger corpora. In this case current Google News, Blogs and natural search. The analysis shows values in bold in the texts. 

The software was developed as a series of software developments for academic research. In this case the  software was part of the development for building the values theory in PR. The outcome was presented at theBled symposium in 2009:

Web Page Text Analysis

One of the hard things to do is to re-construct web pages to extract the text and then find the sematic concepts
and much more.
This tool is really clever because it shows the steps involved. You can extract the text on web pages with this tool too.

Video News
Finding the latest video is harder than you think. There are so many channels.

We thought that it would be a good idea to have them all in one place and this was the first part of developing a special type of search which you can see in NewsRokit.

You can play with the software here

Google Hourly Search to CSV

Everyone want to get a spreadsheet of the latest pages indexed by Google. This toy allows you to just the last
hour's worth of pages indexed by Google.

To try it yourself here is the URL


Did you want to make a quick summary of a web page?

This may help.

Throughout, these experimental tools do not use word counts. The approach is always to use latent semantic indexing as the basis for experimentation.

Have fun with the technologies.

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