Friday, April 30, 2010

What is Real Time Web really like?

I thought that it would be interesting to see what level of coverage has been attributed to the election in the last 40 minutes to give some idea of how fast you would have to be over a big issue?

Real Time Citation Alert for UK Elections

UK elections (5:47) | Breaking & Daily News, Sport & Weather | TV
33 minutes ago
- Just a week out from polling day, the British election is shaping as one of the most unpredictable in decades. For the very latest, Breakfast is joined from ...

GameSpot Forums - Off-Topic Discussion - UK Elections: Who are you
39 minutes ago
- Labour's hopes of recapturing the marginal constituency of Rochdale have been dealt a serious blow by Gordon Brown's insult to a local voter.

Liverpool Daily - News - Liverpool News - Election 2010
28 minutes ago
- OF COURSE, there was only story on anyone's lips – “Bigotgate”, Gordon Brown's potentially career-destroying comments on the Rochdale widow he met on the ...

Polls give UK election debate win to Cameron – This Just In - CNN
15 minutes ago
- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown fought to hold on to his job Thursday in a debate against the two men who hope to replace him, David Cameron of the ...

Hanging in the balance: how Cleggmania shook the UK's elections
32 minutes ago
- The world This year's UK general election was meant to be a predictable contest – until the first-ever television debates gave rise to 'Cleggmania'.

BBC Election Debate: live - General Election News
45 minutes ago
- Yesterday might go down in the UK election history books as The Big Cringe " the moment when Incumbent Prime Minister Brown leveled a heavy blow to his ... UK Projections from PoliticsHome
17 minutes ago
- For more discussion of the UK elections -- including the "uniform swing" issue, see also the two-part interview that Emily conducted with Anthony Wells, ...

TPF: UK: General Election 2010 Final Debate (Video)
17 minutes ago
- Title: UK: General Election 2010 Final Debate (Video) Source: You Tube from itn news. URL Source: [None] Published: Apr 29, 2010. Author: itn news ...

Derryck - UK National Elections
45 minutes ago
- UK National Elections. Thursday, 29. April 2010, 21:44:03. The · http://mimbari. 29-2010: Is The UK's Third Political Party Ready To ... » Blog Archive » “..UK Election Debate Live Updates
36 minutes ago
- UK Election Debate Live Updates .. Video..” “..Today is the final of three televised debates in the UK in the lead up to the elections on May 6. ...

Angus Reid Public Opinion Post-Debate Analysis | Angus Reid Elections
20 minutes ago
- Each one of the graphs above contains the findings of questions made to debate watchers who are Springboard UK panel members. ...

British Blogs
19 minutes ago
- Many realise that a hung parliament, after the UK general election, which is due in less than 2 weeks from now (6th May 2010), would be the. ... » Blog Archive » The post mortem - continued
8 minutes ago
- April-30-2010/Media- .... Election Predictors. Anthony Wells Election Guide ...

United Kingdom - Inform
11 minutes ago
- UK police: We had July 7 bomber's fingerprints AP News — 3 hours ago ... BRITAINELECTION. AP News — 9 hours ago. Labour Party followers display political ... - Leader In News - News That Is Better Connected...
45 minutes ago
- Britain's party leaders have clashed over the economy in the final televised debate of the UK election campaign.( ...

The Economist backs Cameron in UK vote - iPRIME Newcastle
10 minutes ago
- The Economist backs Cameron in UK vote. 30/04/2010 | 07:39 AM ... "In this British election the overwhelming necessity of reforming the public sector stands ...,19098841

Coming general elections - Page 11 - Forums
40 minutes ago
- Search: UK General Election. David Cameron emerged victorious in the third and final prime ministerial debate, according to snap polls. ...

Britain's third party leader grabs spotlight -
20 minutes ago
- Zeenews: UK election: David Cameron leads in polls but under pressure ... Yahoo Daily News:UK election debate gives third party a boost ...

Keyword: elections
45 minutes ago
- In a historic first and obviously influenced by the 2008 United States election campaign and debates, the UK broadcasted their very first election debate ...

The Economist backs Cameron in UK vote - iGWN Kalgoorlie
15 minutes ago
- The Economist backs Cameron in UK vote. 30/04/2010 | 05:39 AM ... "In this British election the overwhelming necessity of reforming the public sector stands ...,19098841

3rd TV UK Parliamentary Debate – alright, who's it gonna be? - The
18 minutes ago
- I no longer have a vote in the UK election, which is fair enough as I don't live there. But then, I suppose one of the reasons I don't live there is that I ...