Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CIPR has a £700k hole

PR Week reveals today that the Chartered Institute of Public Relations has a financial problem of £700,000.

Its hard to believe. In the name of transparency the Institute had no media statement on its website at time of writing. Its CIPR in the news page made no mention either.

But, we are told by PRW that:

The executive board met last week and agreed a programme of immediate cost savings, along with a three-year strategy that focuses on the needs of the CIPR membership and the profession.

‘Our cash flow position remains positive, and we are committed to turn round the finances in the next year,' said CIPR President Kevin Taylor.

‘We believe our new base at Russell Square, with its improved training, conference and office facilities, will help in that turnaround. Services to our members will remain our priority.'

This is no time for long term members like me to rock the boat but we can make constructive criticisms that may help the Institute develop a three year strategy that is more in keeping with the needs of the public relations profession than has been evident in recent years.

Ethics, modern communication education, dramatically enhanced and modern management theory are desperately needed as bedrock career skills.

But, above all, there is a need for a complete overhaul of PR education and research.

These are changing times.