Friday, October 16, 2009

The Next Big Thing Online

PRWeek is going to run a digital supplement next week. They will ask a number of experts what the next big thing will be.
This is my view:

PR is part of the Next Big Internet Thing and evolution characterised as the internet extending beyond the PC and laptop and emerging in eBooks, web enabled cell phones, touch-screen panels at bus stops, RDIF powered interactive messaging and computer games consoles.

The other part of this revolution are the communications channels optimised for social interaction. These are the online place of the brand recommender, critic and conversationalist. Where once stood Usenet, Instant messaging, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter, now stand the newer Real Time and information Augmented Reality channels representing forty years of online communication evolution.

There are some simple rules about what is the next big thing online. It will extent the physiology of humanity. Just as busses allow people to go faster than their legs will carry them; Google enhances the human memory, Facebook makes it easy to be better social animals and Twitter offers faster communication with communities beyond being a Town Crier, each successful development offers a human enhancing capability.

There is a whole chapter about this in the Phillips/Young book. But I guess PRW has not read it yet.