Sunday, September 06, 2009

The year of Mobile PR

E-consultancy has an interesting post this week.
It said:
The mobile market is expected to explode in the coming years thanks to the popularity of smartphones. But for the market to really take off, retailers need to get comfortable selling their wares in the space.
I think that there are lessons here for PR too.

The ability to distribute content (words, images, widgets, game etc) using mobile devices is quite critical and this is the year when we will need to get really competent at doing it.

We have perhaps until the New Year to join the early adopters and after that its going to be a common PR activity.

A number of staws in the wind suggest that time is not on our side.

There are other people talking about Mobile.

ReadWriteWeb commented this week too.

It is bullish except for Mobile Commerce, where it follows US data.

One has to remember that, compared to Europe, the US is a relative newcomer to commercial applications for mobile.

Buying Beer in Estonia or paying you cab fare with your mobile is commonplace. Try it in New York!