Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sarah Hartley at the Guardian - how to write for the web

Sarah Hartley, digital editor at the Guardian revealed all to There are not many suprises here and it all sounds like wrting for most other media.

Her comments on Search Engine Optimisation are valuable:
"SEO is as much about how you present the words as the words themselves. Make sure the reporter hasn't saved important information until the end of the story - tell your reader everything in the first paragraph. Yes, you are 'ruining' the surprise, but that's exactly what you want to do."
As semantics become more critical in serach, this is great advice.

Both Google and Bing are fed up with SEO gaming and are relying more on semantics for presenting content.

Here is what Bing's Mark Johnson has to say about it:

If you want to see the semantic concepts on a web page, you can play with one of Girish's tools by just adding a url to the box here and it will show them