Friday, April 03, 2009

Online Opportunity Value

In the column to the right you will see the Advertising Potential Value Widget!

The widget makes a stab at the potential price of advertsing on a web site even if it does not carry advertsisements.

We have been playing with our widget, and now you have an opportunity to try it too.

When you put a URL into the box you need to strip out the prefix

e.g. if the url is

""you need to enter:

"" to
get a return
NOTE: the return you get will be the value based on the UK audience figures only. The global equivalent will be bigger and based on a different base point.

As I mentioned in the post below, this is an experiment and advertising cost has a context. This should be taken into account when ascribing value and cost to any media.

In addition, not all web pages are optimised for advertising purpose and thus not all web pages would be suitable to carry advertisements (and many blog pages and other content is not suitable either.

This is not going to be a micron accurate measure but will be, at worse, indicative.

However, it may allow you to test an approximation of advertising value potential for web pages were they in competition with newspapers for advertising revenues.

As we test the widget there will be enhanced as we go forward

This then, is yet another step in the research project which I explained to Katie Payne here .

If you would like a copy of the widget for your own blog the script is as follows: