Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Real World of the Internet

This report of the intersection between the internet and people by Michael Silberman at the Mother Jones website during the Obama campaign is a great case study.

While it applies to political campaigning the concept works across so much of online public relations

All too often, we separate out the need for being of the community and being online. Today, I was vaguely listening to the radio in the car (after listening to FIR) to hear that there is a school of thought that pure play online retailers are detached from consumers because they do not meet them in person as traditional retailers do.

I thought this was a bit harsh because my experience is by no means bad. However, the Mother Jones article takes us a lot further forward.

It speaks to the need for good internal and motivating online interactions, cross over between the front line and back office and integrated and multi-media use of internet properties.

There is nothing about internet communication that is a one trick pony.