Thursday, December 18, 2008

There are amazing things happening at a very domestic level that give us a clue about what is happening online.

A very special lady in my life is my side of 60 years old and, yes explores products and services before buying in shops, buys and banks online but this story offers a slightly different angle. It is real as opposed to some investigation researched findings.

She was getting very fed up with spray window cleaners. Apparently they are not as good as old fashioned pink Windowlene.

For weeks she scanned supermarket shelves with no luck and eventually decided to use the internet.


Not only did she find that Windowlene is still available but that a small local shop stocks it.

What a brave local shop and what a result!

This is not some 24 year old geek or a major supermarket or even some magic next generation search - it is good old fashioned Web 1.0 working well.

When, I wonder will she price check in-store? The power of the internet in the hands of this demographic and the increased time spent by them online important not just for retailers but many other organisations. 

This story would be a straw-in-the-wind but is backed up a raft of research.

How much more can we achieve with all the new opportunities developing channels offer?