Thursday, May 01, 2008

The new telegraph HQ

Today, I was given a tour of the Telegraph new editorial centre. Its 67,000 sq ft of open plan editorial space.
My host was Chris Lloyd Assistant Managing Editor ( my nephew).
He has been with the project from its inception and was both a charming host and brilliant in his outlook for where the internet is taking publishing.
The Telegraph has shown thousands of people, including competitors, from all over the world round this amazing facility.
With its extension of My Telegraph due soon and raft of well known bloggers not to mention the growing capability and range of content at Telegraph TV, the evolution fom print to all media is a revelation.
The BBC and Guardian are both creating new centres now.
The big issue now, is can the PR industry raise its game to support these new capabilities?
The pic is Carl Courtney (Chairman of Publicasity - for whom I work three 50 hour days a week), sitting at the editorial hub in this huge centre.