Thursday, April 03, 2008

Search v Value

In recent weeks I have been working for Publicasity. They are developing their online skills - and the new web site, blog Twitter etc. is due in a few weeks (of course).

But we have been working on audits for a range of clients and companies and one the striking statistics that emerge is search volume.

More than once, we have un-nerved marketing directors with a graph that they recognize as sales graphs.

These search graphs are now beginning to be important. A way of being able to identify the how well companies are doing over the counter and online in terms of sales.

It struck me that there are more applications for these kind of data.

Knowing that search volume tells us about the commercial success of an organisation means that these data could also be useful to investors and others.

This conjoin between actual activity and online activity is another way of expressing the value of online work.