Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PR people eschew £50bn

Online spending is now expected to reach over £50bn for the whole year - beating predictions made by the IMRG earlier this year. Last year's total was £30.2bn.

If the public can spend £750,000 online every minute why am I not getting daily emails from the PR industry Associations telling me that my membership will cancelled if I do not attend at least one Social Media workshop by 21 March 2008?

How long can a whole industry ignore the richest high street ever?

Its not just about a swanky web site its about reputation, trust, relationships and zillions of online publics. THAT sounds like PR or are all these things the industry talks about just spin.

First, where is the list of accredited degree courses that do NOT have a one year compulsory digital module - that will show how seriously the institutions are taking £50bn in the context of accreditation? Second, where are the workshops, interest groups and specialist trainers to show how well these organisations are preparing members for £70bn next year.... I could go on.

Its time to elect leaders for the PR institutions that are going to lead.

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